CeraCon makes it TV Debut!


CHECK THIS OUT! FutureNova's FlipPad has been featured in the US program, The Resident. The Resident is set in a US hospital where FlipPads are being used by the doctors. CeraCon and FutureNova have worked together for a number of years and are proud to see the product on the big screen. CeraCon's CeraPUR foam ensures that the FlipPad remains water resistant at an IP rating. Even a US surgeon tested the case and they 'tested the device for splash protection by dunking the entire rig into a bucket of water for about a second. The iPad inside stayed completely dry.'

Take a look at the article here!

CEO of FutureNova, Mike Casey also has positive thoughts on both CeraCon's technology and the relationship. “FutureNova have worked with Ceracon since we started mass production of the FlipPad. Their robotic seal technology was the deciding factor. The FlipPad is used in high infection control environments like operating theatres where the standards are high. It is one of reasons why we are exporting the FlipPad to 16 countries now.”

Find The Resident Clip of CeraPUR applied FlipPad in the link below!